Tuesday, October 7, 2008

teeny kitchens

the kitchen in our new house is bigger than our old one (we'd been in an apartment) but i am still looking for ways to maximize space. luckily, all our "stuff" fits in the cabinets and drawers, but there is the problem of deep cabinets and making sure that what we need is not just there, but at hand. i like to be able to easily access what i need while i am cooking. i have been inspired by some of the creative ideas i've come across!
I really like the idea of pull-out cabinets, like this, that maximize space. This would solve the problem of deep cabinets - since you can pull it out, you can see what's in the back.
this is also a great idea if you don't have the budget or interest in replacing cabinets with pull-outs like the one above. You can buy these chrome roll-outs for your existing cabinets and voila! problem solved! i also like the idea of keeping often-used ingredients close at hand instead of in the pantry. this would be a great idea for storing sugar/flour/etc jars in order to save precious counter space!
...and now THIS is the ultimate pull out! i like how they have made use of the space on the inside of the cabinet doors, too.

I'm loving this small kitchen. I like how they have taken advantage of the space - like the small shelves in the back left, or the shelves over the window on the left. the design elements make this kitchen work, too: the light and airy feel from the light colored cabinets and bare windows goes a long way towards opening up the space. the striped rug on the floor also makes the space feel elongated and adds just a hint of texture and pattern. also, i'm loving those drawer pulls and must find them soon....
everything in this kitchen seems close at hand. i love hanging your often used utensils on the wall.

now THIS idea, clearly, is not from a small kitchen...but i think it could be adapted! if you have enough room, you could hang pots and pans on the backsplash or on a smaller wall by the stove. this way they are easy to access and don't get lost in the abyss of deep cabinets. pots and pans usually take up so much space in the cabinets, so by hanging them, you'd be freeing up lots of space for..... pull outs? i think the hanging pots and pans idea comes from my favorite chef of all time, julia child. her kitchen tips are amazing...look for a julia child post in the future!

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